mercredi 12 juillet 2017

France 12th of July 2017.
France le 12 juillet 2017.

Ciao, Hello, Hola, Bonjour !

S. CARVAJAL + 6 000 articles mainly in french

Main blog
2270 articles in plain vanilla french

goooogle can translate FRE into ENG. ITAL. SPAN.
Français, in french i have little time to make an english, Italian or Spanish Blog, sorry.
Non ho oggi, bastanza tempo per fare gli miei blogs in Italiano, Spagnolo, Inglese. 
No tengo tiempo para alimentar otros blogs, solo los en francés :o)

altri blogs sempre miei
other of my blogs

+ 30 blogs              Gastronomy cooking                 2nd main blog               for Craftsmen          an image is worth a thousand words             old movies                    Sciences

 Ciao. Bye, Hasta el  luego !

 you can reach me at dharma.ortho AT

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